Dr. Jae Webb 

Teaching Experience and Evaluations

Below is a listing of courses taught since assuming my role as a Lecturer in the Department of Management at the University of North Texas, listed in order of frequency taught


o   Business Ethics and Social Responsibility - MGMT 3880

§  Students gain an understanding of the strategic purposes of the firm as both an economic and social entity within society through an examination of the organization’s relationship to various stakeholders. Students learn to analyze through ethical frameworks regarding stakeholder’s interests.

o   Organizational Behavior - MGMT 3720

§  The study and analysis of individual behavior in formal organizations. Cases, lectures and experiential exercises in organizational culture, motivation, leadership, dynamics of power, perception and attribution, communication, decision making and performance, and individual differences.

o   Entrepreneurship - MGMT 3850  

§  Initiation of new ventures and approaches to growth of existing firms through opportunity recognition, innovation and change. Emphasizes developing effective entrepreneurial skills and behaviors. Includes preparation of a comprehensive business plan.

o   International Management - MGMT 4660

§  A comprehensive framework is used to study the management of multinational operations in cross-cultural environments with a focus on the decisions that managers must make. Topics include strategic planning, organization, human resources, operations management, entrepreneurship and ethics.


o   Seminar in Business Ethics - MGMT 5710

§  Examines the strategic purposes of the firm as both an economic and social entity within the global marketplace. Topics include: ethics in business and ethical decision making, corporate social responsibility and corporate citizenship, and stakeholder management, including shareholders, employees, customers, the community, government, and the environment.

o   Organizational Behavior - MGMT 5140

§  Research emphasis in organizational behavior stressing organization-people linkages and interrelationships, including selection, orientation and training; job design and reward systems; supervision; formal participation schemes; appraisals and development; organizational structure and design; communications; control; and conflict resolution. Examination of behavioral science methodologies and strategies. Applications to tangential areas of organization theory, development, planning and implications for management and employee relations.

o   International Management - MGMT 5660

§  Designed to expose the student to the international aspects of management. Cultural differences in management applications, management of multinational corporations and integration of domestic business functions and international operations.

o   Employment, Placement, and Personnel Planning - MGMT 5260

§  Review of the basic elements of employed performance, with analysis of the factors involved in employment, placement and personnel planning. This course blends theory and practice so the student may better understand the policies and procedures required for recruitment selection and personnel planning.

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