Dr. Jae Webb 

Positive Student Feedback

What aspects of class contributed most to your learning? 

"Dr. Jae. He was absolutely in the zone every time he stepped into class." MGMT 3880 - Spring 2019

"The assignments in which we had to apply the concepts helped me understand them more than just book theories and will help me apply them in future practical settings." MGMT 3880 - Spring 2019

"The way that Dr. Jae connects the course concepts to the real world keeps you tied in and wanting to learn. He is the BEST!" MGMT 3880 - Spring 2019

"The only way this course detracted from my learning was it hurt my interest in my other classes because none of my other professors can hold a candle to Dr. Webb in lecturing or in the way he runs his course!" MGMT 3880 - Spring 2019

"That the teacher was always about getting the students engaged and was a great pace of change he was always excited for class and it was always a great refresher during the week having this class."  MGMT 3880 - Spring 2019

"I really enjoyed our group activities. Especially when we got to take real-life case studies and as a group work together to find solutions or discuss how we would handle it individually out in the workforce." MGMT 3880 - Spring 2019

"What contributed most to my learning in this class was probably the lectures and more personal time with the instructor. Even though I didn’t have a lot of one on one time with him, when I did it was very helpful." MGMT 3880 - Spring 2019

"Dr. Jae was fantastic. He was motivating, communicated regularly and in a timely manner, and offered plenty of avenues for assistance if needed. I had another on-line class with him last semester, and part of the reason I chose this class was because of my prior positive experience and his style of teaching." MGMT 3880 - 3W1 2019

"Honestly, this is one of the best classes I have taken at UNT. I have taken several classes (3 week and full semester) where the instructors try to cram as many assignments as possible into a short period of time and I come away from it not remembering much of what I learned because it was so rushed. However, I learned easier in this class because of the way the instructor organized the quizzes and assignments. I never felt rushed or overwhelmed and because of that I will make a good grade and actually feel like I learned something of value. I really wish other instructors at UNT would structure their classes the way Dr. Jae did this one." MGMT 3880 - 3W1 2019

"Dr. Jae would constantly communicate with us through e-mails and reminded us about assignments that were supposed to be completed and any important information that we needed to understand. Very good communication and feedback throughout the course! This includes the overall grade of class, overall mistakes, overall performance, and important information. His videos and articles would definitely help clarify concepts from the textbook."  MGMT 3880  - 3W1 2019

"Discussing real ethical situations that firms have faced. Dr. Webb provided feedback videos/emails after assignments which I found beneficial." MGMT 5710 - Fall 8W2 2019

"I enjoyed the discussions the most, I usually don't like the discussions but these were actually engaging discussions. I enjoyed that the professor made videos to talk to us, quite useful." MGMT 5710 - Fall 8W2 2019

Was your class intellectually stimulating? Did it stretch your thinking? Why or why not? 

"Absolutely intellectually stimulating. Dr. Webb’s approach of combining textbook information, case studies, articles, informative videos, and pairing with his lectures forced me to find the common themes and nuances across all of the materials — then apply them based on scenarios. He forced me to think about the content and then argue for or against the outcome." MGMT 3880- Summer 2021

"Yes, I developed an appreciation for business ethics and have practical ways I can incorporate what I learned into my role as an employee & employer. Dr. Jae is a phenomenal professor, very knowledgeable and actually cares about his student's learning. He responded immediately to my concerns in an understanding & fair way.  His expectations, communication, instructions and availability was greatly appreciated as a virtual student. Although due to work schedule, I could not join the sessions, he was more than wiling to accommodate & encourage all of us. By far, one of the best courses I've taken at UNT." MGMT 5710 - Spring 2021

"Yes, this class was very intellectually stimulating and definitely stretched my thinking because of the freedom of discussion provided in class and the engagement with the professor and the students." MGMT 3880 - Spring 2019

"Yes. This class was my favorite class I ever took in college. The professor taught the material required by the course and also went above and beyond to make the student expand our thinking and understanding of global issues." MGMT 3880 - Spring 2019

"This class was absolutely the most thought-provoking class I have taken at UNT, as I start my first job I will take the lessons learned about how to come to an ethical conclusion and use them at every chance I get."  MGMT 3880 - Spring 2019

"Yes, this class was intellectually stimulating due to the many discussions that the class would have with our professor, and the amount of effort our professor gave to help his class understand the material." MGMT 3880 - Spring 2019

"Yes, This was the best course I have ever taken at UNT. Because Dr. Webb is the best Professor on campus. Go ahead and let Dr. Webb give a big college wide conference to the rest of the professors teaching them how to keep students engaged and actually teach them things they need to know. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to know that there are still professors that want to teach you something rather than make you memorize course concepts!" MGMT 3880 - Spring 2019

"Yes, it made me question my own personal system of ethics as well as business ethics. Learning about business ethics really kept my mind stimulated and the instructor was great at teaching the course." MGMT 3880 - Spring 2019

"This class was intellectually stimulating. I found the material very interesting and even though it was a short class I still feel like I learned more than in other classes I've taken in a full semester." MGMT 3880 - 3W1 2019

"Very much so. Professor would drop hints or ask questions that were interesting and made the class more interesting. Between the reading assignments and the videos gave me a lot of great information." MGMT 3880 - 3W1 2019

"It was intellectually stimulating because it involved concepts that are part of our everyday lives that we may not think about everyday. I enjoyed this class very much. The events and examples  were recent and relatable. It certainly stretched my thinking on how ethical practices of a companies effect not only the intimidate workplace environments, but entire industries, countries and the planet." MGMT 3880 - 3W1 2019

"Yes. Forced me to consider multiple perspectives and frameworks for decision making." MGMT 5710 - Fall 8W2 2019

"This program, especially the discussion board stretched my thinking. It pushed me to link daily business situation and the ethical decision-making process. I also forced myself to understand my personal barriers in the face of ethical dilemma and figured out how to overcome." MGMT 5710 - Fall 8W2 2019

"Yes, it was intellectually stimulating. Analyzing real dilemmas and learning how different corporations reacted to the issue helped me expand how I view difficult situations." MGMT 5710 - Fall 8W2 2019


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