Dr. Jae Webb 

Pedagogical Tools and Methods

Weekly Learning Insights
Students are tasked to make  weekly  contributions to an online discussion board about  their experience  that  week;  focusing on insights gained from reading the material, class dialogue, or exposure to concepts.   This approach forces students to reflect over what they learned that week and synthesize it.   In doing this, they become the author of their learning experience, driving them to put into their own words what the material means to them.  In addition to promoting engagement with course material it promotes cross-contamination of learning concepts as students read and respond to the learning experience of their peers. 

Stuck and Muck
Every class ends with a recap session called Stuck and Muck, defined for the students as:

What Stuck? After our time together today – what stuck with you?  What did you hear as a main point of today’s class time?

What’s Muck? In addition to being a noun that means waste, mud, a disgusting and filthy opaque substance, muck also serves as a verb meaning to clean out.  I want to know after our time together today what is clear as muck, so that we can clean that up before you leave.

In this way class ends with an opportunity to crystallize the key takeaways from our time in class together and also an opportunity to seek further clarification or understanding where necessary.

Classroom Debates
There are always two sides to every story, except when there are three... or four, five, six, etc.  What are the pros and cons of this type of business ownership vs. that type, how about which ethical safeguard is best in this or that situation? 

The practice of management is not about knowing the best way to do something, it's about reasoning through different options to find the better way to do something.  Splitting students into groups and tasking the group to defend their position against another group's position not only forces critical thinking, but engages students as the drivers of a decision. 

Some days I let students select the position they wish to defend, but other times the assignment of a position is random, pushing students to consider the merit of ideas they may not be naturally drawn toward.

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